Friday, 10 September 2010

Citadel Imperial Dwarfs

Well the first 5 are done in what I hope to be an ongoing series between other projects. To be honest these poor critters have been subject to ruthless experimentation and re-learning mistakes, but as  they are to be part of a unit I didn’t have to get too hung up them individually, and by the end was moving along quite quickly…..for me!

I have to admit the enjoyment of finishing anything has been a pleasant experience and with only another 25 or so to do in this unit, things do not look too daunting! Now where is the primer…

Citadel Imperial Dwarfs

Have gone for an on campaign look down and dirty!

On the attack!

On the run!


  1. Fantastic stuff, Steve - just amazing! The shields are so well done, with the attention to detail on the shields' "in-sides". Superb weathering too!

    Pity you didn't pick out the hand on the hand-helmet with a stronger colour. Would've been nice as it's such an absurd detail. It would benefit from being brought into focus. =)

    All in all it's top notch stuff, and I'm looking forward to see a full unit of these!

  2. Thanks for that, yes I did think about that helmet, but never fear I do have his twin brother in the queue! ;-)

  3. Wonderful, characterful figures brought to life by your excellent painting. Well done sir!


  4. I just found your blog, well, minutes ago. I can see I have a lot catching up to do, these Dwarves look simply fantastic, kudos.

  5. Cheers Gyro, thanks for looking, just another 300 to go!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Atom just another 100 or so to go!!