Monday, 7 July 2014

Itchy Nelson, Galactic Arms Dealer with Hardy Scratch-it, Bio Tech Mech

Silly season again, my entry to the Frothers sculpting competition 2014!

Itchy Nelson, a Greot was born a runt and at only 6'5" and 35 stone was outcast, unable to join the warrior elite. Years in the wilderness forced Itchy to scratch out a living in the world of galactic commerce, after much hardship and experimentation including the development of his super chopper, he turned to arms dealing. Finding willing donor's was not an issue, in part due to a misunderstanding of the universal greeting 'the hand shake'. Only one problem, no body wanted dead arms. Fortune shone with a chance meeting with Hardy Scratch-it who by chance had taken a correspondence course in Bio Technology, subsequently developing a serum that could keep bio matter fresh and twitching. A partnership was born, look out refunds given

Sculpted with Green stuff and a little procreate resin mixed in

Should be available at some point in the metal!

Pictures of all the entries can be found here
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Little easier to see!


  1. That's right nice, Steve! Hope I can get my grubby paws on it at some point.

    1. Thanks Mattias, just a bit of fun! will post here when available



  2. Cool concept and execution, love it.

  3. like the Napoleonic great coat, nice sculpt,any factual stuff on the go ?

    1. as it happens got some armatures on the go :)