Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Citadel Imperial Dwarfs (Part 2)

Well… have had very little painting time over the past month which is typical when starting a new project! So a bit surprised I’ve actually managed this much. So here are the next six which takes me to just over a third of the unit being done.  Painting time per figure has come down when compared to the first batch, helped by treating them as unit pieces rather than individual display pieces and not getting too hung up on imperfections.

Imperial Dwarfs

The unit so far

I really need to start some other projects soon as these were only designed as a secondary project to practice skills etc. but I’ve got into them so will make sure they are progressed!


  1. Whoop! Finally new pics - awesome additions to the unit. Great job on the free hand patterns on the clothing, very impressive!

    Can't wait to see more, but I know it'll be a while. =)

  2. Thanks Mattias, going to try and keep momentum going, but also have some other projects I want to get under way. Don't want to spend the rest of my days only painting dwarfs ;-)

  3. Oh my! Bloody good looking stunties you've got there mate! I love the vibrant in colours and well made freehands.

  4. Thanks izeColt, maybe I will finish the unit one day!

  5. I've got some of those - but not painted as well. I might get them out and re-paint.

    Well done.


  6. Go on , you know you want too!

  7. Awesome painting just fantastic

    How do these figures compare scale wise to the standard GW WHFB figures?

  8. Thanks John, well I think the new figures are more rotund in the body and have much bigger weapons etc ( this seems even more so with the plastics) but otherwise probably quite similar. The old ones probably have more variation in size between each other too. But I have to qualify that I do not actually own any modern GW dwarves! so can not give you a definitive answer :-)