Tuesday 23 November 2010

The Grandfather…..Cthulhu inspired

Well have not done a great deal of painting recently, but I have done a little sculpting!
When Frothers Unite announced their Cthleudo 2010 Sculpting contest (mix of Cthulhu mythos and Cluedo for a game at Salute 2011) I thought ‘nope’ can not think of anything to do with that and know very little about Cthulhu anyway. Until that is 2 weeks before the deadline I had one of those Time Bandit moments of an ‘idea forming in my head’ and rashly decided to proceed. After about 3 days of fine tuning the idea and working up a 3d sketch in putty to test the engineering aspects for casting, there was a week and a half to sculpt it…never again! Any way I am happy that it placed 2nd in the Evil Lurkers category, and will be cast up and made available. Overall an enjoyable if stressful change from swinging the brush and some useful practice in pushing the putty!

The piece is designed as nominal 28mm and stands a total of about 54mm high