Friday, 10 September 2010

Citadel Imperial Dwarfs

Well the first 5 are done in what I hope to be an ongoing series between other projects. To be honest these poor critters have been subject to ruthless experimentation and re-learning mistakes, but as  they are to be part of a unit I didn’t have to get too hung up them individually, and by the end was moving along quite quickly…..for me!

I have to admit the enjoyment of finishing anything has been a pleasant experience and with only another 25 or so to do in this unit, things do not look too daunting! Now where is the primer…

Citadel Imperial Dwarfs

Have gone for an on campaign look down and dirty!

On the attack!

On the run!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Asgard Half Troll Chieftain WIP

Well this was just supposed to be a simple single figure job……but has now become a vignette, don’t know how that happened!

I think that classic enigmatic expression on the half troll combined with the wonderfully character rich slave orcs just screamed to be placed in context. This is now in the painting queue, and hopefully will not take too long, more work being required on the basing once the figures are painted.

Meanwhile I have been practicing on my painting, and I need it. The unfortunate painting fodder has been some OOP Citadel Imperial Dwarfs, the first few of which are being based and will be posted in the next few days!

Asgard Half Troll Chieftain Vignette

Asgard Chieftain with a pair of slave orcs