Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Asgard Half Troll Chieftain FM27 v2

Well this is the first project completed this year! The Asgard FM27v2 Half Troll Chieftain with a couple of slave orcs, one of my favourite miniatures from the mid 80’s. I used to think he was quite big at the time but 38mm to the top of the head he would probably only measure up to a big Orc these days!
Very detailed little minis increase the painting time a bit, the only extras added; a repair to the spike including moderate extension (I know, I know ) a bronze shield to the chieftain, and a repair/replacement to the pole arm of the slave orc; I think it used to be an axe head. The Chieftain has been lying around undercoated for more than 10 years, so quite happy its now fully dressed. Base made from critter clay and painted along with the miniatures in a mix of acrylics, oils and printers inks.