Saturday, 24 July 2010

1987 The First National Golden Demon Awards

Like most people my age I started painting with enamels, but by the 1980’s had moved on to Acrylics, and the relatively new concept of using a black undercoat!  Whilst I did use a few Citadel paint sets at the time, Windsor and Newton Artists tube acrylics were the predominant paints used.

On the Day of the grand finals in Nottingham, one of the lasting impressions I came away with was how dull my figures looked (albeit relatively realistic) when compared to many other entrants. No doubt in part due to the more transparent nature of the tube paint over the black undercoat. Over all an enjoyable day out with one gold, two bronzes and a highly commended, although the gold was a surprise as I felt this piece was my weakest entry at the time!  The gold fish did go down well though! The competition report with more pictures of the event and other entries can be found in White Dwarf 93.
Looking at the pictures now, it is glaringly evident how the standard of painting has improved over the past 20 years or so!

Single figure Category, heat winner but unplaced at finals. 

D&D Cleric

Single Mounted Figure Catagory, heat winner and Honourable Mention


Dragon Category, Bronze Demon

Blue Dragon

Vignette Category. Ogres and Snotling, heat winner not placed at finals

Ogre Vignette

Conversion Category,.Gold Demon

Gargoyle Conversion

Diorama Catagory. Bronze Demon
No longer exists, these are the only pics I could find!

Minotaur Mountain Interior

Monster Category. Heat winner not placed at final

Minotaur Lord

Finally although not entered into the competition these Norse dwarfs were painted at the same time, this being my first attempt to raise a dwarf army!

Norse Dwarfs
 There ends 1987


  1. love the ogres Steve.......just a quick question do you still have your golden demon trophies and if so do your have any photos of the first ones issued as i have not seen a picture of them cheers

  2. Thanks Joanne, yes I do still have the trophies! the link below will show you one from 1992 the 87 and 89 differed only in the base 87 used marble and the 87 ones had a much more shiny finish, sorry no pics at the moment

    Cheers Steve

  3. ps you have to copy and paste the link :-) Thanks for looking

  4. my husband is the collector and im after a better picure of this demon ...i thought this was the first demon awarded in the early gamesdays.....if im wrong do you know what it was awarded for and when .......if the link will not show up if you can send me your email address i can send the photo that way.......thanks again for your help


  5. Yes I think your right, I can only think this was the trophy at the Games Day pre 1987 before they revamped it for the first standalone Golden Demon comp, I have to admit I had not seen it before so thanks for that! might have to do some research!



  6. It's a real shame that it's only today that I found this blog. Shame on me!

    Not only you have so many old miniatures in your gallery (which I am very fond of) but also they're painted very well, which makes them a real pleasure to watch.

    Moreover the reports from early Golden Demons are a fantastic trip into the past. I am really impressed how good some paintjobs were back then.

    I am really glad to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Mahon

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. yeah, I just stumbled on to your blog recently. Your paint jobs are awesome, but their is also something special about those older figures!

  9. Yep, still some of my favs even now!