Friday 30 July 2010

Some Odds and Sods 1989 - 1990

During this period I only completed a few smaller pieces, none intended for competition entry which was a relief. As usual Windsor and Newton Artists tube acrylics were the paints of choice.  First up another Dragon conversion based on the Citadel Rock Dragon, this time with a more medieval flavour.

Rock Dragon Conversion

A minor conversion on a Sorcerer from Citadels realms of Chaos


Another minor conversion, this time a 1201 series Wizard, incorporating another three wizards in the base

Wizards Tower

Probably about the only Warhammer 40K I think I have ever done!

40K Orcs

A conversion of the Citadel C 28 Giant, the newer variety release in the late 80’s sculpted by Nick Bibby, always an early favourite sculptor of mine, going back to the early Asgard days.

C28 Giant Conversion

These little fellows are included as another failed attempt to start a dwarf army, don’t ask why dwarves, just seem to have a lot of them lying around for some reason.

Imperial dwarves

Unfinished Imperial dwarves

The end of another year!


  1. I love the Old time wizard with the wizards sculpted into the base.

    Well done.


  2. Absolute classics. They look like pics from old GW books and White Dwarf magazines. These had such a style...