Monday, 2 August 2010

Grendel 1994

In 1994 I was approached by Grendel (thanks Phil!) to nock up a few diorama pieces for the new magazine Anvil, to be produced in collaboration with Heartbreaker. The format was to be a stage-by-stage picture guide from which I have included some of the black and white here for the sake of completeness ( still using film in those days!) It also turned out to be an opportunity to try some different paints, as I always like to make things more difficult where I can! These being Windsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd quick drying oils, which after initial testing seemed quite usable. In the end this first piece was very much an experimental piece that I was only just happy with, the colours on the lizards being a bit bright and saturated. I also remember using a matt medium to reduce the sheen but this in turn increased the drying time so was dropped on later pieces.

Grendel bits and pieces

The start of the base from clay and mesh

a few bits added

pretty much done

the figs get a little attention

all done!

All airbrushed white ready to paint

Figs painted


This piece no longer exists other than in bits, so these are the original film shots of which there are not that many.

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