Tuesday 13 September 2011

Dwarf Jester update

Well these two have been sold to Rogue Miniatures http://www.rogueminiatures.co.uk and are at the master casting stage, so hopefully not too long before they are available in the metal.

Been a busy summer on non modelling related things unfortunately, so not much painting done but at least have been sculpting a bit more stuff which I shall show here when I get the nod.
Euro Militaire approaches at the weekend so will treat myself to some unabated hobby time, no doubt looking at some lovely painted miniatures and spending too much at the same time!!!!


  1. these look great Steve,

    all the best
    John ( seansdaddy from deano's)

  2. cheers John, must get round to painting some soon

  3. Hiya mate, wheres the painted versions ?
    hope all well. not seen you on Deanos for a while

    all the best

    1. Hi John, yes its on the list honest :) been busy sculpting, I need more time.....TIME I say ;)